Ultra-small Anchovy 500g
Small Anchovy 500g
Medium Anchovy 500g
Large Anchovy 500g
Ultra-small Anchovy 200g
Small Anchovy 200g
Medium Anchovy 200g
Large Anchovy 180g
Ultra-small Anchovy
Small Anchovy
Medium Anchovy
Large Anchovy
Ultra-small Anchovy 1.5kg
Small Anchovy 1.5kg
Medium Anchovy 1.5kg
Large Anchovy 1.5kg
Red Shrimp 300g
Black shrimp for soup 300g
Small white shrimp 300g
Headless shrimp 300g
Red Shrimp 150g
Black shrimp for soup 150g
Small white shrimp 150g
Headless shrimp 150g
Grilled squid slices
Grilled squid slices
Dried Squid slices
Dried Squid
Dried Squid
Shredded Dried Pollack
Dried Pollack Fillet
Dried White Bait
Roasted Seaweed Snacks
Roasted Seaweed Snacks
Dried Anchovies Kelps Crabs Tea Bag For Soup
Dried Filefish
Grilled Dried Filefish
Slices of Grilled Anglerfish
Dried arge-eyed herring
Baby Octopus
Slices of Dried Seasoned Pollack
Dried arge-eyed herring 1.5kg
Dried Laver
Dried Green Laver
Dried Gobchang Laver
Sea Mustard