The fresh fishery products which are caught in the clean and uncontaminated areas of Haenal generously contain the taste of the sea and the affection of the fishermen.
What are anchovies tasty?
``Putting freshly anchovies which have been newly caught on the table as they are!``

Haenal runs a fishing fleet in person to provide to consumers the freshly caught marine products as a one-stop service ranging from production, processing to distribution.
Consumers can eat Haenal’s products with safety and belief in them as Haenal offers only tasty and good quality products.

Why are Haenal’s anchovies unique?
``Drying anchovies slowly in the chilly wind for the best quality...``

Haenal dries anchovies in a cold wind drying method for quite a long time instead of a hot-air drying to bring their taste and nutrition to life. Haenal delivers silvery happiness brimming with taste and nutrition to the tables of customers.

Reliably particular reason!
``Table of nature full with reliability``

Haenal makes its products clean with affection in the HACCP-accredited factory in the belief that my loving sons and daughters eat them.

Enjoy the diverse Haenal products!
Ultra-small Anchovy
Small Anchovy
Medium Anchovy
Large Anchovy
Red Shrimp
Headless shrimp
Small white shrimp
Black shrimp for soup
Dried White Bait
Dried arge-eyed herring
Baby Octopus,
Shredded Dried Pollack
Dried Pollack Fillet
Dried Laver
Dried Green Laver
Dried Gobchang Laver
Sea Mustard
Dried Anchovies Kelps Crabs Tea Bag For Soup
Dried Squid
Grilled squid slices
Grilled squid slices
Dried Squid slices
Slices of Dried Seasoned Pollack
Dried Filefish
Grilled Dried Filefish
Slices of Grilled Anglerfish