Haenal goes out to the clean and uncontaminated sea to catch fish in person and make fishery products.

Haenal, the healthy food of the sea.

Haenal makes the food clean with love and affection.

The treasure of the clean sea in Boryeong, South Chungcheng Province.

We would like to introduce Haenal products the fresh and safe foods.

The healthy taste of nature delivering happiness.


Haenal is the company which catches processes and sells marine products and produces the healthy food of the sea.
Haenal always sells only the best quality products in order to make the products which are trusted by consumers.

About Company

Haenal is the marine product-specific company with a HACCP certificate which provides one-stop services ranging from production and processing to distribution.

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Production Facility

All products with Hanal brand are produced via the safe and thorough quality control in the HACCP facilities.

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About Consultation

We will make Bada Younga Association Co. Ltd. as a company which consumers believe its products and foods are trustworthy and sought after.

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Why do people seek Haenal?
We only produce and sell the best products.
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Haenal in the world
Korea’s representative marine product brand which is globally loved.
Haenal sells the products by its producer in person.

Haenal is the honest marine product brand which offers the healthy food of the sea.
Haenal catches in person the abundant fish stocks such as laver, anchovies and shrimps in the clean and uncontaminated areas of the western coast to process and distribute them to consumers.

Haenal is clean.

Haenal’s products are clean and safe because they are all processed after going through thorough quality control in the HACCP facility.

Haenal is delicious.

Since Haenal generously contains the healthy taste of the sea and the affection of the fishmen, it is delicious. In order to deliver the fresh fishes which are caught in the clean and uncontaminated areas of the western coast to customers as they are, Haenal at all times tries its best.

Already Haenal exports its products to all countries over the world.
Counselling on export
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